The Bennett Velvet Pony Bow

The Bennett Velvet Pony Bow

*Our bows are handmade with a stretchy knit material that gives you the BIG bow without the flop.

*Pony Bows are one size fits all. Bows are secure and cannot be re-tied

*Our Pony Bow is the same size as our Large Nylon and Big Pins, but secured to a thick Nylon hair tie. The Pony Bow offers a one step process for a pony tail and bow, secured at the end of a braid or whatever fun hairstyle you can imagine! 

*Our Mini Pony Bow is a small bow, similar to the Mini Nylon and Mini Pin, secured on a thick nylon hair tie! 

***All bows are handmade making each one unique so appearance may vary for each bow.